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Understanding Eating Disorders in Adolescence was created by two experts in eating disorders, Dr. Wendy Spettigue and Dr. Mark Norris, as a support tool for parents/caregivers and health care providers who provide care for youth suspected of having an eating disorder.
Both Dr. Spettigue and Dr. Norris work at the Regional Eating Disorder Program in Ottawa, ON which is located at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. They have been treating children and adolescents with eating disorders for a combined total of 25 years and have received numerous grants to conduct research trials on various aspects of care for adolescents with eating disorders.

  • Module 1 – What is an Eating Disorder? (7 videos – 13 minutes in total)
  • Module 2 – Medical Complications (2 videos – 16 minutes in total)
  • Module 3 – Understanding Eating Disorders (1 video – 10 minutes)
  • Module 4 – Essential Components of Treatment (7 videos – 40 minutes in total)
  • Module 5 – Supporting a Child with an Eating Disorder: Some Practical Advice (1 video – 13 minutes)
  • Module 6 – BC Children’s Hospital Support Videos (2 videos – 30 minutes each)


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