Scholarship Program

Each year the Eating Disorder Foundation Chair, Vince Withers and his family invites applications for two $1000.00 Renata Elizabeth Withers Memorial Scholarships. Scholarships are awarded to two individuals who are studying in a post secondary institution within NL and whose course of study is related, broadly speaking, to eating disorders/disordered eating and plan to continue in the healthcare field. Scholarships are presented during Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

2019 Renata Elizabeth Withers Memorial Scholarship Winners

Kayla Hollett is currently completing a Master of Science degree in Experimental Psychology at Memorial University. She is a member of the MUN Eating Behaviours Lab. Her interest in studying eating disorders came about while she was completing her undergraduate degree. Her own personal experience led her to shift her personal focus from maintaining an idealized body to balancing her physical and mental well-being without focusing on appearance. She is currently involved in a project related to stigma associated with Binge Eating Disorder and obesity. Kayla’s ultimate goal is to work as a clinical psychologist to help individuals with disordered eating and related health concerns.


Shannon Bedford is a 3rd year student in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program (PsyD) at Memorial University Department of Psychology. Her interest in the area of eating disorders developed through her undergraduate experience while working on her Honours thesis at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. Since coming to Memorial, she has continued her involvement with eating disorders via placements at the Centre for Hope, MUN Counselling Center and East End Clinic.

Shannon’s aim is to continue to gain more experience in the area of eating disorders and to one day work in a center like the Hope Centre and conduct research to understand treatment variables.