Let’s Talk Eating Disorder School Program


The Eating Disorder Foundation is available to give presentations to staff
at any school in the province, free of charge.  Statistics show that eating
disorders are on the increase in our province.  Children as young as nine
have been hospitalized at the Janeway.  Early detection and treatment can
play a huge role in students getting the help they need.  Early detection
and treatment can save lives and save families. When a child has an Eating
Disorder, the whole family needs help to survive this illness.

The presentation will cover:
Causes and Types of Eating Disorders

Why Schools Should be Concerned

Warning Signs specific to a School Setting

Classroom Discussion Guidelines

Strategies to Support Students with an Eating Disorder

Provincial Treatment Facilities and Support Services across the Province.

Presentations can be tailored to meet your time restrictions, from 30 minutes to one hour at a staff meeting or Professional Development Day.

Please contact Cathy Skinner at (709) 722-0500 or e-mail: cathy@edfnl.ca to arrange a time to visit your school.