Bridge to Hope Education and Support Group

Are you concerned about a loved one possibly having an eating disorder? Are you attempting to support a loved one with their struggle with an eating disorder? Research tells us that parents, siblings and the entire family as a whole are affected by the physical and emotional results when a family member has an eating disorder. Sometimes families are so focused on the struggles of the person with the eating disorder that they minimize the disruption to their own lives. If you are in need of support please contact the Eating Disorder Foundation and make an appointment to see Patricia Nash (Masters in Counselling Psychology).

Telephone: 709-722-0500
Toll Free: 1-855-722-0500

Bridge to Hope: Education and Support Group for Parents, Partners and Caregivers

The Eating Disorder Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador offers this support and education group to parents, partners and caregivers of persons living with an eating disorder.

The Bridge to Hope is an eight (8) week group that provides support, education and hope to those who are assisting their loved ones on the journey to wellness.

The group is offered to any family member seeking information about the struggles their loved one is facing.

The term “family” is used in its broadest sense, and refers to any individual who plays a major role in the life of the person living with an eating disorder.

This is a provincial program and families from across the province are invited to participate via Teleconference.

One evening per week for 8 weeks
Sessions will run from 7:00-8:30 pm at the Eating Disorder Foundation office located at 13-15 Pippy Place (2nd Floor of The Carnell Building).

Group Details

Week  One: Carers share their stories

Week Two: Pediatrician

Week Three: Psychologist

Week Four: Psychiatrist

Week Five: Dietitian

Week Six: Social Workers

Week Seven: Experienced members of Parents of Hope/Partners of Hope

Week Eight: Carers review and share feedback
Benefits of the Group

  • Gives families a “Candle of Hope”
  • Feels supported and less alone as they speak the same language
  • Families can handle extra stress for a short term but this is a long term illness so they need support to survive
  • Mutual support from other families
  • Confidential environment to share common issues and concerns
  • Opportunity to meet and ask questions of professionals who are experts in the field of eating disorders
  • Theme of self-care and HOPE for Carers
  • Provides education about eating disorders
  • Participants invited to join Parents of Hope or Partners of Hope support groups following completion

How to Register

Contact the Eating Disorder Foundation at 722-0500 or email or Toll Free at 1-855-722-0500

*Teleconferencing Available*

Refreshments provided

Group Facilitators:

Patricia Nash, M.Ed., Program and Outreach Coordinator at EDFNL, Parents of Hope

Cathy Skinner, Program Facilitator

Both Patricia and Cathy have co-facilitated the Bridge to Hope group for many years and are founding mothers of the monthly Parents of Hope group (2002), bringing their own family experiences to share.

Messages from Group Family Members

Parents realize they are not alone with this illness; there are  other families who are challenged as well”
“My family truly appreciated the group…it was a God send to us.”
“The group provided a safe place to talk, cry, laugh and just know it was ok to feel any way I felt! “
 “Group was excellent … it made me feel that there is hope and help.” 
 “I found it most helpful to meet other families with the same issues.”
 “The parent co-facilitators can identify with what we are experiencing in our families.” 
 “ In the group setting I received amazing insight into the challenges of an eating disorder. It is an inspiration to see and hear families who have come out of this alive and sane.”
 “The facilitators experience and knowledge is as good as a thousand books”
 “Having the sessions co-facilitated by experienced parents is one of the real strengths of the group.”

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