Client Consultation Program

Are you experiencing symptoms of an eating disorder? Is this a concern in your life right now? Have you thought of reaching out for help but did not know where to turn? Would you like to know what resources are available to you here in Newfoundland and Labrador?

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The first step is often the hardest one to take. It takes courage and strength to admit you need help and then ask for it. Many clients have told us they tried to stop this illness on their own but it was too powerful.

At the Eating Disorder Foundation you will find support and direction. You will be listened to with hope and compassion and without judgement. We will help you understand the steps you can chose to take to get your life back from an eating disorder.

There is help available. We encourage you to reach out for assistance.

Please contact Patricia Nash at the Foundation office by calling
722-0500, Toll Free 1-855-722-0500 or email

We encourage you to make an appointment to come by for a chat about how we can assist you and what help is available to you.

A Guide to Discussing Your Concerns with Your Primary Care Provider 

At EDFNL we do not offer long term counselling for clients for eating disorders/disordered eating. However, we can be a major help to you in making the first steps to getting help with excellent resources available in NL.