13th Annual Hope Always Walk

13th Annual Remembering Renata Hope Always Walk

The Foundation will be holding its 13th Annual Remembering Renata Hope Always Walk 11:00 am Sunday September 12th at Mundy Pond Walking Trail.  This could be a great activity to do with your family and friends. Funds raised go directly to the many education and support programs provided by the Eating Disorder Foundation.

This year EDFNL, due to COVID-19, will depend to a large extent on a Virtual Hope Always Walk. The Foundation depends heavily on the support raised during its Hope Always Walk. With this plea for support, we are asking individuals, interest groups and supporters to consider organizing a Hope Always Walk in a form that best suits your particular circumstances. The Hope Always Walk is scheduled for 11:00 am Sunday September 12th at Mundy Pond Walking Trail and hopefully you can join us and in doing so help us help literally thousands of our families who need the education and support services offered by the Foundation.
Eating Disorders are a major mental health disorder and are on the increase. The Foundation is challenged to continue maintaining its support programs and has to rely on fundraisers like our Hope Always Walk to respond to that next call for direction and support. Some 1500 families contact the Foundation every year.
Let’s work and walk together on the Hope Always Walk; an individual can make a difference; an army of individuals can make a big difference.
For more information or to get a pledge sheet please contact Tina at tina@edfnl.ca or call 709-722-0500





If you would like to show your support to the Eating Disorder Foundation of NL please email info@edfnl.ca to receive your pledge sheet today.
Our Annual Walk is an opportunity to support our many eating disorder families; this is a call to action for our supporters and families to reach out and support the work of the Foundation. We have many challenges facing the Foundation and it’s critically important to recognize the need for additional resources particularly at this time as the increase in eating disorders is challenging our best efforts.
Please support us in this effort and help us help others.

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