Who We Are

Board of Directors
Vince Withers – Chairperson

Wilf Curran – Vice Chairperson

Dr. Pamela Ward – Vice Chairperson

Alyssa French – Treasurer

Dr. Jacqui Carter – St. John’s

Dr. Heidi Carew – St. John’s

Lorraine Poole – Corner Brook

Stephanie Lee – St. John’s

Brian Kenny – St. John’s

Andrea Gruchy – St. John’s

Our Mission

The Eating Disorder Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador (EDFNL) is a leadership advocacy group dedicated to promoting research and providing public support services and information about matters related to eating disorders, including information on available treatment services for individuals and families who experience disordered eating.

Goals of EDFNL

  • To support persons who experience disordered eating by acting as a Resource Centre and a front door to a focused and coordinated treatment path.
  • To promote a healthy body image and self-esteem by way of public education and awareness programs
  • To advocate at various levels of government, health and community groups to ensure input and involvement in the decision making processes that affect eating disorder policies and treatments
  • To educate individuals, professionals, government and families through the distribution of materials, an information line, regular awareness programs and a living website
  • To advocate for and support ongoing research and related medical services