Siblings of Hope

The goal of our Siblings of Hope Group is to educate and support brothers and sisters (18 years and older) who are supporting a sibling through the recovery of an eating disorder. The group provides a safe and confidential environment for siblings to share their concerns.

The sessions are held at the EDFNL office every 4 – 6 weeks and are also available by free teleconference to anyone across Newfoundland and Labrador. The group is co-facilitated by Patricia Nash (Counsellor at EDFNL) and Stephanie Lee (sibling and group co-founder.

Siblings are welcome if they want to join the group to attend just once or if they want to become a regular member.

Some positive feedback from Sibling Group members:

“It feels so good to vent with another sibling who understands what I am going through.”

“The Group helps me set boundaries that are badly needed.”

 “It is comforting to share the sibling viewpoint on supporting my loved one with the eating disorder.”

If you are a sibling or you know of a sibling that might be interested in joining the group or attending a session contact