Scholarship Program

Each year the Eating Disorder Foundation invites applications for two $1000.00 Renata Elizabeth Withers Memorial Scholarships. Scholarships are awarded to two individuals who are studying in a post secondary institution within NL and whose course of study is related, broadly speaking, to eating disorders/disordered eating and plan to continue in the healthcare field. Scholarships are presented during Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

2017 Renata Elizabeth Withers Memorial Scholarship Winners

Megan Van Wijk is a graduate student enrolled in the Master of Science, Experimental Psychology program at Memorial University. During her undergraduate studies in psychology Megan recognized the importance of body image, how it influences self-esteem and how that has led to the development of eating disorders among vulnerable people. She has continued her work in this area through her completed Honours Thesis and her current Master’s Thesis.

Megan has been a volunteer with the Foundation for the past year and a half participating in many of our awareness and fundraising events. Her ultimate goal is to become a clinical psychologist and continue to practice in the area of mental health, specifically eating disorders, here in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.


Katrina Bartellas is currently enrolled in the School of Medicine at Memorial University. Prior to commencing studies to become a doctor in 2016 Katrina completed a Master of Science by Research & Psychiatry at Oxford, United Kingdom. Her studies included eating disorders and the pharmacodynamics of the medications used for these patients. She also holds a Bachelor of    Commence from McGill University. Katrina has lived experience with eating disorders. Since 2007 she has spoken out about the impact mental illness can have on an individual and their  loved ones lives. She has completed research with the Mental Health Commission of Canada Anti-Stigma Project.

Katrina plans to continue her research and advocacy work on eating disorders as she trains to be a doctor. She has in fact written about her journey with anorexia nervosa and published it in Transcultural Psychiatry and is used as educational material for Canadian medical students.