Community Support Awards

On Tuesday February 28, His Honour, The Honourable Frank F. Fagan and Mrs. Patricia Fagan hosted The Eating Disorder Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador Annual Community Support Awards. 

Award Recipients

The Eating Disorder Foundation annually recognizes both volunteer and community and/or business organizations who have demonstrated their support of the Foundation in the previous year and over a longer period of time in many cases.

The Foundation receives support from many volunteers and community and business organizations every year. Each year we look back at the support we have received and pick a number of individuals/groups to be recognized.

This year there are 4 recipients:

The Centre for Nursing Studies, Eastern Health, represented by Dr. Kathy Watkins, has partnered with the Foundation for the past number of years to create resource manuals on a variety of topics ranging from Information Guides for Health Professionals, identification of library resources to a resource manual focused on disordered eating in LBGTQ+ Community. Each fall one or more groups of 4th year students are assigned to the Foundation to complete a project of our choosing as part of their program. To date we have some 8 resource manuals that are used by our staff, our community partners and our clients on a regular basis.

ExxonMobil Canada represented by Mike Ryan, have provided significant direct financial support for our family support program and most recently our newly established prevention program, Body Project Canada. Without the support of ExxonMobile our ability to grow our programs would be limited.

Husky Energy represented by Aimee Sheppard, over the past 2 years have partnered with the Foundation through significant direct financial grants that have supported our education and community awareness program and most recently our newly created Emotion Focused Family Therapy Workshop for health professionals. Without the support of Husky Energy our ability to expand and grow our programs would be limited.

Northview Apartment REIT, represented by Melvin Nash partnered with the Foundation in late 2014 to provide a fully furnished apartment to be used by out-of-town clients of the Hope Centre during their participation in this critical recovery program. In 2016, with demand continuing to grow at the Hope Centre, Northview once again extended their generous support through a second apartment. Both apartments have been occupied fully since day one. As a result the Hope Centre program has been able to offer its services on a province wide basis. At this time we also want to acknowledge the support of Newfoundland & Labrador Housing Corporation through their Rent Supplement Program.

Congratulations and many thanks to this years recipients.


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